About us

About us

Coinradix is a cryptocurrency trading company aimed at providing an accessible way for newcomers and veterans who are willing to get into the cryptocurrency trading market. We provide a great entry point and oportunity for everyone to secure a stake in the cryptocurrency industry. We are committed to making sure you achieve your investment goals, with our full time mining network, professional traders, crypto analysts and the affiliate system at your disposal. Our logical trading plans ensures level playing field and sustainable platform for all levels of investors including beginners and others who has been in the cryptocurrency industry for a long period of time, we’re a highly experienced team with backgrounds including brokers, crypto analysts and investment strategists. Our brokers are passionate about cryptocurrency and seek to use their strong understanding of the market to deliver the best possible results for our investors.

High Profitability

With a wealth of experience in the field of crypto mining and trading , the Coinradix team focuses on removing all complications involved with investing in cryptocurrency. The challenges facing beginners in the space are many and varied, we aim to make the transition into the market seamless and rewarding. We now offer access for those intending to invest in large quantities of cryptocurrency, attracting investment firms and institutional operations to the crypto market.


At Coinradix, we place an emphasis on transparency and responsibility. We clearly communicate and control all aspects of risk of our investors with the help of our mining rigs(ASIC) and professional cryptocurrency trader's. We are mindful of the risks involved in any investment and seek to add value effectively through diversification. We are here to help.

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Our Features

Strong Security

Strong protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption.

Payment Option

We accept four popular payment method: Bitcoin, etherum, bitcoin cash and litecoin.

World Coverage

Providing services to all countries around the globe.

24/7 Support

Dedicated support via email, phone and live chat around the clock to answer your questions at a time.

Why Choose Coinradix

Professional Market Trader

A team of professional market traders who are profitable trading with cryptocurrency on the most popular world exchange and ensure timely payments on loans

High-Quality Technical Expert

High-Quality technical expert with knowledge and experience in the field of internet technologies, digital marketing and sociological research.

Instant Payouts

Payouts and withdrawals are processed as fast as possible with the help of our automated system so has ensure investors receive their funds on time.

Investment Management

A unique online platform modified to automatically receive investment payments and calculate profits. Also a very organised dashboard provided for investors to easily handle their portfolio.